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06/01/2011 12:53 pm

Master compression: dual-mono and stereo

Master compression: dual-mono and stereo

In this short aryicle you will know how to make dual-mono compression in mastersection in Cubase and hear difference between daul-mono and stereo compression.
There are some stereo compression plugins that have there own charachter but don't have control of the compression triggering. For example, Waves SSLcomp or UAD 1176 (in difference with Fairchild clones that have "Link" swith, that switching compressor from stereo to dual-mono mode). In short, in stereo mode one of the channel (left or right) used fo triggering compression on two channels. In dual-mono mode compression on each channel is independent. Now look how to create dual-mono compression with two mono plugins (UAD 1176SE).

Open mastersection. Load two mono compressors in inserts. Move to the Routing.


Double left click on second plugin.


Click on right arrow. Now you have dual-mono compression.


Bypass mono plugins and load stereo version of plugin and tune compression parametrs on it. Load the same parameters on mono versions and compare! What would be better depend of the song and style of music.


Audio examples:
Dual-mono master compression

Stereo master compression

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